trivum at the Infocomm India 2016

The Infocomm India 2016 – India’s foremost professional audiovisual and information communications technology show – is over, and trivum would like to thank you for visiting our Indian partner SoundWorks.


Infocomm India took place this year for the third year in succession. With a yearly growth rate of 21%, it is one of the fastest growing exhibitions and already the second largest trade fair of this kind in the Asia-Pacific region. More than 200 exhibitors from 21 countries presented starting September 12th through 14th at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai their latest products and services from a wide range of subjects of audiovisual, media, information and communication technology.

At this point, we would like to thank again the Indian professional audience for visiting and the great interest for out trivum multiroom solutions.

Your trivum team

trivum + qobuz: Uniquely different
Qobuz is a unique online music service that focuses on audio quality. Designed for the most exacting of users, it is the only website on the world to offer its entire catalog in real “CD quality” both as a streaming service and a download service, giving access to the music as it was conceived, performed , and recorded.
Qobuz has a catalog of over 40 million titles, including all Major and Independent labels and is also the world leader for 24-Bit Hi-Res downloads.

Qobuz offers two subscriptions that fit your listening pleasure.

trivum supports with its new MusicCenter V9 software Qobuz as an integrated audio streaming services.

After updating, all trivum players support both subscription variants. Simply enter your Qobuz account and explore the Qobuz music catalog with your trivum multiroom device.

trivum MusicCenter V9 is multi-account ready for simultaneously use of accounts.

That’s how it works:
  1. Update to MusicCenter V9
  2. Create an Qobuz account
  3. Enter your Qobuz account data into the V9 MusicServices menu
  4. and off we go: listen to your Qobuz music in all trivum zones


trivum MusicCenter V9 is multi-account ready for simultaneously use of accounts.
Qobuz Premium
All music in MP3 with 320 kbps
Qobuz Hi-Fi
True “CD quality”
with 16-Bit / 44.1 kHz
Infos about V9

trivum + TIDAL: pure listening pleasure

With more than 40 million title and an availability in 46 countries TIDAL offers a comprehensive catalog of the music history.

Through such well-known owners like Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Prince, Kayne West, Rihanna, Daft Punk, Madonna and Chris Martin (Coldplay), TIDAL can offer exclusive audio content of their artists, curated Playlists and the possibility to explore new artists with TIDAL X and TIDAL Discover.

TIDAL offers two subscriptions that fit your listening pleasure.
trivum supports with its new MusicCenter V9 software TIDAL as an integrated audio streaming services.
After updating, simply enter your TIDAL account and explore the TIDAL music catalog with your trivum multi room device.
That’s how it works:
  1. Update to MusicCenter V9
  2. Create a TIDAL account
  3. Enter your TIDAl account data into the V9 Music Service menu
  4. and off you go: listen to your TIDAl music in all trivum zones


trivum MusicCenter V9 is multi-account ready for simultaneously use of accounts.
TIDAL Premium
perfect for mobile user
for high-fidelity sound quality
Infos about V9

trivum presents: the new MusicCenter V9

trivum MusicCenter V9


With the MusicCenter V9 you control all trivum devices. Even faster. Even easier. Even from the comfort of your sofa.

  • New user interface
  • More streaming sources
  • Multi-Account support
  • Paging
  • Optimized for mobile devices
Optimized for mobile devices
Control your trivum Multiroom System with the new MusicCenter V9 with any browser-enabled mobile device. So simple: turn your WLAN on, enter the trivum device’s ip address and off you go.
And with the new WebConfig user interface, the configuration is just as easy.
More streaming sources
The MusicCenter V9 supports more streaming services: enjoy your music from Deezer, qobuz and TIDAL. Millions of songs are waiting for you – also more than 100,000 live radio stations and on-demand content in TuneIn.
Even faster to your favorite songs
No matter from which source your music is coming from, start playing your favorite song in no time – with the trivum Favorites. The trivum Playlists are a further way to manage your music.
Multi-Account support
You have several streaming service accounts? No problem. In MusicCenter V9 you can manage several streaming service accounts, for example, one for each family member.
Paging function
One touch and everybody listens to you. With the paging function, announcements are a child’s play. Ideal for offices, waiting rooms, conference rooms, etc.
Weitere Features:
  • new user interface
  • simplified WebConfig
  • new system icons
  • improved Zone-Management
  • improved ETS GA import
  • advanced trivum KNX actions


Please find more information on our MusicCenter V9 website.

trivum presents: the new SC044


Just hearing was yesterday. Today experience your music!
With the new SC044 from trivum Technologies  you can feel your music now. Thanks to the extra-subwoofer outputs for even richer sound.
Enjoy all your custom music: kitchen, bathroom, hallway and living room are just one example of a 4-Zone-System. Or group your zones and fill your whole apartment with the latest party sounds.


Whether mono, stereo, sub or satellite – with the new Zone-Mapping function of the SC044 you choose what goes out over the line outputs. Anything is possible, from six stereo to twelve mono line outputs.
Subwoofer/satellite outputs
You need more bass? One click and you transform a simple mono output to a Subwoofer output. Up to 12 Subwoofer outputs are possible. Similarly, the mono outputs can be configured for satellite speakers.
More features:
  • 4x FM RDS tuner
  • 4x streaming vlients
  • 4x trigger ports
  • 2x digital I/O ports
  • KNX support


Please find more information on our SC044-Website.

trivum TouchPad and the “Floating Seahorse”

There are many floating houses, but the special about the luxurious houseboats of the Kleindienst Group are the bath- and bedroom in the basement: completely located under water, the down-to-floor windows provide a 360-degree view of the underwater world around the house.

floating seahorse kleindienst trivum touchpad


There will be more than 125 of these floating villas swim at the “Heart of Europe”, an artificial archipelago around 2.5 miles off the coast of Dubai. trivum ensures among others for right mood while watching the fishes: very easy and with one-touch light, music, heating and cooling are controlled via our trivum 4.3″ TouchPads.

trivum says thanks for visiting us

The Light + Building, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building service technology, is over, and we would like to say thank you for your visiting our trivum booth. We hope that the exhibition was interesting and informative both for us and for you.

The Light + Building showed once again intelligent solutions and innovative technologies for networking with current design trends. With a public and exhibitors growth of 2.3 percent, the Frankfurt Trade Fair closed once more with record figures. Around 216,000 visitors, almost half of them from abroad, gazed from March 13th to 18th, the brand-new products and solutions from 2,589 exhibitors.

At this point, we would like to thank also our new partner Mediacraft AG for the successful fair presentation.

trivum guest at the hm.tec in-house exhibition

The wholesaler in the special field communication technology, network technology and building system technology hm.tec invited on 11.21.2015 to an in-house exhibition.

On 11.21.2015 the electrical wholesale Hermann Müller Ing GmbH invited numerous representatives from the industry to a in-house show. In the company’s own warehouse a variety of products around the topic of home automation, lighting and installation technology could be considered and tried.

trivum was represented by the new Multiroom Audio Demonstrator and in good company: guests were among others representatives of Metz Connect, PILZ, Siemens, TCS AGTelegärtner.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for this successful day.

Your trivum team

trivum products will be now nationwide marketed by mediacraft AG

Starting in November, the mediacraft AG takes care of the nationwide distribution of our trivum products. The cooperation will be intensified the dealer support and will be presenting more the brand trivum on the German market.


Since 1992, the mediacraft AG offers high-quality speakers for in- and outdoor applications as well as the matching amplifiers for the installing dealers.


Ralf Hanisch, founder and CEO of mediacraft AG:
“With the products of trivum the special range of mediacraft AG is enriched by a modern multi-room audio system ‘Made in Germany’.”


As company, completely producing in Germany, we are particularly proud to be represented as the first German brand around the topic of multi-room audio by the mediacraft AG.


Achim Schlumpberger, CEO and owner of trivum technologies GmbH:
“We are pleased to have found in mediacraft a technically competent partner with years of experience in the installation market.”

Short info

trivum at CEDIA EXPO 2015 thanks DMC Technology

Thanks to our partner DMC Technology our products now available in the United States. Launch was the CEDIA EXPO in Dallas, Texas. At the trade fair for Home Automation and Entertainment, KNX USA National Group Member DMC Technology presented our latest products to a broad specialist audience.

The CEDIA took place from 14th to 17th October in Dallas. 480 exhibitors from 82 different countries presented their latest products.

As KNX USA Member and certified training Center, the team around DMC Technology founder Marc Antoine Micaelli provides training courses for all KNX-homeowners, builders and installers.


14.-17.10.2015 Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas
Stand 7206, Ebene 2